Sunday, October 11, 2009

1R : Classic Tale

Heero and Relena, duh. Need I say more?
My first beloved and always-be-no.1 OTP. Enough said.

Relena's gundamnium liontin was inspired by very amazing 1R fanfics : Manifestation and its sequel Realization by Isis cw.

Gundam Wing (c) Sunrise and Bandai

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eshilde Bardere

Eshilde Bardere (or Eshild Barder, spelling depends on which translation you use) is one of main protagonist in manhwa Princess, wrote by Korean author Han Seung-Won.

Princess (c) Han Seung-Won.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

UlquiHime : Not the End, Yet.

I made it base on "The Ash" chapter. 

What a dirty tease, Kubo-sensei.. very dirty.. but also very beautiful, though. I believe you'll bring Ulq back, no pretense. I know it. WE know it.
Just wait and see.

Bleach (c) Kubo Tite

SasuSaku : Lollipop

Old work that I did in water color, but it goes so ugly that I need to edit it digitally. I like the end result :)

Naruto (c) Kishimoto Masashi

SasuSaku : The Romance

This is a pic I've promised Miko-chan. Thanks for the many amazing fanfics of yours, and also fun (fangirling) time you've shared with me.. (You can have Kakashi, I'll have my Heero, thank you ^^).

Careful on the workfield, honey.. and wink a handsome soldier for me hehehe.. I am looking forward to chat (and having fun) with you again! <3

Naruto (c) Kishimoto Masashi

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sakura Fubuki no Jutsu

Long ago Kakashi said Sakura has a genjutsu potential, but so far.. only in anime (or movie? I forgot. I never watch it anyway..) that actually showed that she used a genjutsu during fight. It was named Sakura Fubuki no Jutsu (Sakura's Petal Storm Technique), in which Sakura's body turned into a storm of cherry blossom petals. I think it was a cool jutsu <3.

I hope Kishi will start Sakura's development soon. 
i love Sakura, really.. So, do not make her crying all the time, Kishi... Please?

Naruto (c) Kishimoto Masashi.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

UlquiHime : Midnight Wedding

This was an old lineart that somehow, I forgot to get it done. :P
I made it when I was sooo crazy about UlquiHime (like.. around chapter where he almost touch her breast? :D). I didn't intend it to be wedding theme, but somehow.. it was. ^_^"

I do wish Kubo Tite bring the stoic guy back.
Bleach was never be the same without Ulquiorra.. T^T.

Bleach (c) Kubo Tite.

SasuSaku : Silent Harmony.

First post.
Oh yeah, baby.. it is SasuSaku! XD

I'm just experimenting the art-style here. The pose was taken by a photo in flickr (sorry I forgot the link -__-"), if I'm not mistaken, it was a candid photo in a train. the pose is so romantic that I immediately stole it and made a SS fanart from that :D.
Anyway, this pic is for the long-awaited SS reunion, which I hope very much will be done before the end of this year :D.

Please tell me first, and credit me if you want to use this pic. ^^

Naruto (c) Kishimoto Masashi.