Sunday, May 16, 2010

SasuSaku : Darling

Another SS fanart that I made to color it this week :P
No concept whatsoever, I just want to make a romantic and fluffy SS fanart, contrary to my usual angsty SS drawing :D

Yeah I know, OOC Sasuke.. But who cares? IC Sasuke in manga make me want to kick his ass, so I made him sweet and lovingly here ^^. Done in SAI, and yeah.. once again I abuse 'water' tool to blending the color. :P

Naruto (c) Kishimoto Masashi.

SasuSaku : Highschool Sweetheart

AU SasuSaku, of course. Inspired by so many AU-highschool SS fanfic out there in FFnet, but only a few that has actual setting in Japan, mostly adapting US's school. So I made them as Japanese regular high-schoolers. Sasuke as a captain in some sport club, I think.. while Sakura more into study club or student organization. He was the 'it boy', while she was only known as a name in top three test rank. They were stranger to each other, until they met at as school festival committee, when Sakura fell in love immediately and Sasuke thought of her as an annoying 'strict-to-the-rule' girl.

Then, I believe you could guess the rest of the story, if not, then read as many shoujo manga as you can. :D SS should be done in shoujo-style, it would be perfect. <3>

Done in SAI, abusing 'water' tool to blend the colors, with my newly-won Intuos4 *show off*. Hohoho..

Naruto (c) Kishimoto Masashi

Anyway, I'm so in SS mood these days. I made many SS sketches, which I hope I could color them all in once. I turned to be an impossible thing to do, so expect me to post more SS fanart one or two a week. In regular period, I hope. Anyway, here's some sketches I haven't able to color (yet).