Saturday, May 28, 2011

SasuSaku : Once

He was once... a great man.
She was once.. full of genuine smiles.
Maybe later.. they could become what they once was.


Inspired by chapter 540.
You know, in this point I don't care if SS happens only in fanon, but somehow, 540 sparks my hope that maybe..maybe it could happen in canon to *praypraypray.

Anyway, despise my lack of optimism, how could anyone doubt that it's Sasuke that Sakura thinking of/had in mind when she was said " there's someone I like " to reject that love-letter fodder nin. It's Sasuke and always be Sasuke only. And more over, how could she got bashed so much just because 1 SMALL panel of her thinking of him, and not in great light, despite all the awesome things she did 6 pages after..
Gosh.. so many people are that desperate huh? -__-'

Anyway, I hope to make it into speed painting, but somehow it took longer than I predict.
My skill is indeed becoming rusty.. Really need more and more practice indeed..

Naruto (c) Kishimoto Masashi

Monday, May 16, 2011

1R : Dark Path

The truth, this pic already sit on my harddisk from a very long time, but I just got to finish it now cause many reasons (mostly of lazyness, anyway :P).

I once remember reading that Relena's character design was inspired by Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, which could be considered true if we take a look at HRH Queen of the World coronation dress. It was blue-print imitation of what Hepburn wore in Roman Holiday.

So, I want to render semi-real Relena based on Audrey Hepburn face. You might recognize her facial structure since I based Relena's outline from one of Hepburn's famous photo. I just changed her hair, and eye color, but everything else is the same. Heero, on the other hand, was rumored to be inspired by Japanese actress Uchida Yuki (if I'm not mistaken), but somehow, her photos or pictures cannot sit well with Heero's characteristic on my mind. So I took Japanese actor Kashiwabara Takashi as the reference, with slight change here and there.

I was aiming to make a realistic style, but somehow, I felt giving them semi-real will do more justice (well.. I still lack the skill, that's all.. :P)

The title is inspired by Celine Dion song "I Believe in You" which I think describe Heero and Relena complicated relationship very well, in which they must part each own way, a long, hard, and lonely (and somehow dark) path before they could meet again. (And in such a f*cked up way according to the recent GW novel titled Silent Teardrop)

Anyway, enjoy :)

Gundam Wing (c) Sunrise, Bandai