Saturday, May 28, 2011

SasuSaku : Once

He was once... a great man.
She was once.. full of genuine smiles.
Maybe later.. they could become what they once was.


Inspired by chapter 540.
You know, in this point I don't care if SS happens only in fanon, but somehow, 540 sparks my hope that maybe..maybe it could happen in canon to *praypraypray.

Anyway, despise my lack of optimism, how could anyone doubt that it's Sasuke that Sakura thinking of/had in mind when she was said " there's someone I like " to reject that love-letter fodder nin. It's Sasuke and always be Sasuke only. And more over, how could she got bashed so much just because 1 SMALL panel of her thinking of him, and not in great light, despite all the awesome things she did 6 pages after..
Gosh.. so many people are that desperate huh? -__-'

Anyway, I hope to make it into speed painting, but somehow it took longer than I predict.
My skill is indeed becoming rusty.. Really need more and more practice indeed..

Naruto (c) Kishimoto Masashi

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