Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SS_Red String

Well, I'm so in SS mood these days, and this is supposed to be a video tutorial about painting in SAI. But I still edit and chopping the video, so.. yeah.. wait for it, please? Nothing great like mind-blowing tricks or something, but maybe some of you want to see it how I paint in SAI (and it's so random) :D

Inspired by.. THE choke (I forgot what chapter), when Sasuke almost fall to the lowest level (like, he just a thread length before killing Sakura. WTF Kishi?!). But then, even after that, she still cannot get over him.. it sounds like a more than just a crush feeling, a deeeeep love. Tragically deep. Ouch, so angsty!

But you know, the angst is something that made me obsessed of this pairing <3 (I mean, beside the hotness.)


Naruto (c) Kishimoto Masashi


  1. Link to fanfiction?

  2. Nah.. it's not inspired from fanfic, but from the actual manga chapter, when Sasuke almost choke/kill Sakura after he killed Danzou :D